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Nerd Jokes

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The term nerd is assigned to a person who sees the world in a different light from the rest of us. They tend to look at it more analytically rather than just for what it is, but whatever your definition of a nerd may be we assure you that the Nerd Jokes we have in our collection are sure to send you laughing yourself to an aching stomach. is the largest most diverse collection of jokes on this earth regarding whatsoever topic it may be. We have a collection of over 60,000 individual entries contained within 90 or so categories making it not only the biggest but the best.

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Nerd Jokes Two nerds went to the same college when one day one of them comes to school with a brand new shining bike. Nerd one asks, ?Wow, nice bike. Where抎 you get it.?o:p>

揥ell, yesterday before I got home, a beautiful woman on this bike stops in front of me strips her clothes off and tells me to take whatever I wanted of her,?says nerd 2.

Nerd 1, nodding in agreement says, ?Good choice, the clothes wouldn抰 have fitted you anyway.?o:p>


A guy was walking one day when he comes up on a frog that says, ?Kiss me and I抣l turn into a beautiful Princess.?The guy stops, looks at her and picks her up putting her in his coat pocket. As he continued to walk, she again says, ?Alright, kiss me and I抣l turn into a beautiful princess and stay with you for a day and do whatever you want to with me.?The guy, continues to walk without even thinking of what has been said. Again the frog says, ?Alright then, kiss me and I抣l turn into a beautiful princess and stay with you for a week to do what ever you wan to with me.?Still the guy doesn抰 pay any attention.

Fed up, the frog says, 揊or the last time, kiss me, I抣l turn into a beautiful princess and stay with you for a month for you to do whatever you wish!?Still the guy doesn抰 flinch.

Finally, the frog jumps out of his pocket and lands of the guy抯 face causing him to fall on his back saying,?Hey, I was talking to you. Why don抰 you answer my offers??o:p>

揙kay, beautiful women come and go, but a talking frog, You don抰 get to see4 that everyday!!?o:p>

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